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Balance Customized Massage

60 min 100$ 90 mn 145$

Using a variety of techniques, this therapeutic massage can help release tight and sore muscles while breaking up deep tension and excess tightness.

Add a full body exfoliation + $30  

Balance Hot Stone

90 min $150

Smooth heated basalt stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to melt away tension and stress combined with a variety of massage techniques.

Massage Cupping and

Magnetic Acupressure


(this is an add on to any massage or facial)

30 min $30

How is the Technique Performed?

Massage cupping is performed by applying ‘reverse pressure’ to the body, via glass or plastic suction cups that are generally placed or massaged along problem areas, in the direction of natural lymphatic flow. 

Suction cups may be magnetic or non-magnetic, with positive & negative poles, to help enhance the tissue-healing process. 

Sessions are typically 30 minutes in length, and can be integrated with traditional massage therapies.

Goals & Benefits

The technique namely focuses on reducing stagnation & restrictions in problem areas, by breaking down adhesions/knots, and by helping to increase fluid (i.e., blood & lymph) circulation.

Massage cupping helps to reduce the build-up of cellular waste, toxins, inflammation, & excess fluids by assisting in dragging them from deep within muscles/soft tissue, to the body’s surface, where they can be more efficiently disposed of, via the lymphatic system.

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